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Heal. Transform. Inspire.

~ Have you been struggling physically, emotionally or spiritually?

~ Are you willing to take charge of your life and change it for the better?

~ Do you want to learn an effective healing method to help yourself and others?

There is a method that can help you. Cosmoenergy is a unique method of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and self-improvement which leads to personal growth, activation of inner potential, relief of tension & stress, and improvement of health and all areas of life. The Cosmoenergy method can help you purify and free you from your negative thoughts, emotions, and actions, such as aggression, fear, hatred, anger, etc. and improve your overall state of mind.

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Who I Am and What I Do:

My name is Maria Asadov. I’m a practitioner and teacher of the Classic Cosmoenergy method. Through my extensive healing and teaching experience, I have witnessed many miracles of healing and personal transformation this method has to offer to people. It has improved my life and the life of my family and clients in the most profound way. It is my privilege to now share the Cosmoenergy method with anyone willing to experience its effectiveness and improve their life.

As a practitioner trained in Cosmoenergy healing and yoga traditions, I help people with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.  I guide my clients to take charge of their life and easily overcome their obstacles. As a result, they are able to do what they love, feel more confident about themselves & their future, and live a happier & more joyful life. In my private & group healing and training sessions I will provide you with support, practical tools and knowledge to help you:

  •    heal physically, emotionally and spiritually
  •    improve your relationships and all other aspects of your life
  •    tap into your true potential
  •    get to know yourself better
  •    accelerate your personal growth
  •    achieve the optimal balance between your body, mind and spirit
  •    help and inspire others

I am based in the San Francisco/Bay Area, but also available to work with you remotely (at a distance) at a comfort of your own home. Contact me now to schedule your free initial consultation.

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Upcoming Events

Introduction to Cosmoenergy Workshop
San Francisco, CA December 9-10, 2017

During the workshop, you will learn simple and effective techniques of the Cosmoenergy method which will enable you to heal yourself and others, release stress and anxiety, build confidence, improve your relationships and find the optimal balance between your body, mind and spirit.

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To learn more about Cosmoenergy training, visit: Workshops

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Greetings to everyone who came to Maria’s website and decided to read the testimonials page. I’m sure you are here not by accident, and it is time for some change in your life. 🙂 Long ago I read in a book that teachers come into our lives when we are ready. And I completely agree with this. About nine months ago I met with Maria. At that time I was experiencing one of the most difficult periods of my life. I understood that I couldn’t go on like that and needed to do something about it. The same scenarios kept happening to me, but each time it was harder and harder for me.
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